Achieving a Natural Look with Colored Mascara

Hey party people, I’m here to let ya’ll in on a little secret: not all mascaras are created equal. Enter colored mascara – the one beauty staple that can take your look from drab to fab in moments. Just like a pair of blue jeans, colored mascaras come in all kinds of shades and styles. In this article, I’m gonna tell you how to get the perfect natural look using colored mascaras.

First off, let’s define ‘natural look’ when it comes to colored mascaras. At its core, a natural look is about creating subtle effects that still make your eyes pop. Achieving this look means finding the right shade of mascara for your eye color and then properly applying it.

The benefits of using colored mascaras are clear: they provide a unique twist to your everyday eye looks, which can really elevate your appearance. So if you’re looking to stand out – but still achieve a natural look – then colored mascaras are your BFF.

Choosing the Right Shade of Colored Mascara

Choosing the right shade of colored mascara to really make your eyes stand out is no small feat. Where do you even start? Well, first thing’s first: identifying your eye color. Are they a bright blue hue, a golden-brown shade, or somewhere in between? Figuring this out can help narrow down the choices of the most flattering pigment for your peepers.

Once you’ve got that figured out, it’s time to find the best shade for your eyes. To take your look up a notch, try using complementary colors – like purples for blues, greens for browns and so on. If you’re feeling extra daring, go bold with contrasting shades. Reds, yellows and oranges are particularly eye-catching.

A close-up of a brightly colored mascara wand on a white background.

A few other tips to keep in mind while choosing your colored mascara: look out for formulas that will create an accentuated and long-lasting effect; remember that certain hues may emphasize bags and dark circles, so be mindful of your under-eye area; and, always opt for high-quality ingredients that won’t irritate delicate skin around the eyes.

Tips on How to Apply Colored Mascara

Let’s get started! If you’ve never used colored mascara, don’t worry – I’m here to help. To ensure you get a totally natural look, my top tip is to prepare your lashes before application. Curl ’em up using an eyelash curler for extra va-va-voom, then use a clean spooly brush to comb out any clumps or knots.

Now it’s time to apply the mascara! My go-to method is to use two light coats of color, letting it dry between each layer. This way you can build up the intensity gradually and get fuller, thicker lashes. A few quick strokes when applying will help to make sure you don’t miss a single lash!

To complete the look, add a few finishing touches with a clean liner brush. I like to gently define the tips of my lashes and slightly smudge the outer corner. This creates a softer, natural effect that ties the whole look together.


Getting the perfect natural-looking makeup look with colored mascara doesn’t have to be tricky. All you need is to find the right shade for your eyes, and follow a few simple steps when applying it.

Start by figuring out which colors work best with your eye color. A good rule of thumb is to use lighter colors to bring out the beauty of light eyes and slightly darker colors to make dark eyes stand out.

Before applying the mascara, don’t forget to clean your lashes and brush them properly. Once that’s done, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand upwards until the entire lash is coated. Be sure not to clump too much product on! Finish it off by brushing through the tips with a spoolie to soften up any harsh lines.

With these few tips, you’ll be able to rock that natural-looking makeup look with colored mascara in no time!

FAQs on Natural Mascara

How do you wear colored mascara?

When it comes to colored mascara, it can be tricky to achieve a natural look. But with the right application, you can really make those eyes pop! Here are my top tips for getting that effortlessly beautiful look.

First, start out with a light coat of black mascara. Then, use a thinner brush and add a few light strokes of the colored mascara along the tips of your lashes. You want to focus on the ends of your lashes to give them a hint of color, not a full coating. This will give your eyes a subtle and natural look.

Second, try mixing and matching colors! For a subtle color contrast, use a lighter colored mascara on the bottom lashes and a darker color on the top. Or you could use a dark brown mascara on the bottom and a dark purple on the top. It’s all about experimentation and finding out what works best for you.

Finally, don’t be afraid to have fun with your makeup! Colored mascaras can look great with a variety of eye looks, from a dramatic cat eye to a fun and flirty smokey eye. There are endless possibilities, so let your creativity loose and don’t be afraid to try something new for a unique look.

How do you make colored mascara show?

When it comes to achieving a naturally stunning look with colored mascara, it’s all about making it look natural. One of the most important things to remember when using colored mascara is to start with a light application. Begin by lightly coating the lashes from the outer corner of the eye inwards and gently brush the mascara onto each lash. Applying more than one coat will help make your colored mascara look more natural and will ensure it shows up. Additionally, try to find a waterproof mascara that won’t smudge easily, which will help maintain the natural look. Finally, be sure to remove any excess mascara from the brush at the top and bottom of the lashes to avoid any clumping. With careful and light application, you can get a natural, beautiful look with colored mascara that will last all day.

What color mascara makes your eyes pop?

When it comes to getting an exciting, natural look with colored mascara, I always recommend finding a color that will make your eyes pop. While black is a classic choice and is sure to add drama to your look, don’t be afraid to venture into more daring colors like navy, burgundy, or even green! Depending on your eye color and complexion, there’s sure to be some hue that will bring the best out of your eyes.

For a subtle, everyday look, I suggest going for a nude or brown color. These colors provide enough definition to make your eyes stand out without being too bold. I also suggest avoiding anything too glittery or iridescent, as these colors can sometimes look a bit garish.

If you’re going for a more dramatic, dramatic look, try bright colors like purple, blue, or even pink. A light dusting of a bright color can make your lashes look longer and fuller. Even if you don’t think you can pull off a wild color, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. Just remember to take it slow at first and build up the intensity gradually.

Whatever color mascara you choose, don’t forget to pay attention to the formula. Look for formulas that contain natural ingredients like aloe, beeswax, and sodium hyaluronate, which can help nourish and protect your lashes. Also, make sure that your mascara is waterproof and won’t smudge or transfer. With these tips in mind, you can get a beautiful, natural look with colored mascara in no time.

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