How to Get Long Lashes Naturally

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to find ways to get those long, luscious lashes that not only make your eyes pop but also bring out your inner glam diva. The good news is that there are several natural ways to get longer lashes without breaking the bank or resorting to risky techniques. So stick with us as we spill the beans on the best secrets to naturally boost your lashes’ length.

Table of Contents

  1. Opt for Organic Eyelash Boosters
  2. Apply Natural Oils and Gels
  3. Try a Lash Growth Serum
  4. Choose the Right Mascara
  5. Preventative Measures and Proper Makeup Removal
  6. Get a Lash Lift
  7. Massage the Eyelashes
  8. Green Tea, Your Eyelashes’ Unexpected Ally
  9. Brushing Your Lashes Regularly
  10. FAQs
  11. Conclusion

Opt for Organic Eyelash Boosters

Eyelashes are delicate creatures, and the products you use can make all the difference. Organic eyelash boosters are heaven-sent for strengthening and nourishing your lash friends. They contain natural ingredients, so there are no harsh chemicals weighing down your lashes or inhibiting their growth. In fact, organic boosters have been proven to aid lash growth.

Apply Natural Oils and Gels

Forget synthetic potions and whatnot; it’s time to trust the wondrous powers of Mother Nature. Applying natural oils and gels like castor oil, coconut oil, or vitamin E is like giving your lashes a big bear hug of nourishment, and we all know those lashes enjoy a good embrace. If you’re consistent, these oils can help you see noticeable growth and thickness in your eyelashes over time.

Which natural oils are best for growing lashes?

Castor oil is the true MVP in the lashes game, but coconut oil and vitamin E are reliable substitutes. When using these oils, make sure to source them from organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined products to protect your eyelashes from nasty chemicals that might be lurking.

Try a Lash Growth Serum

Sometimes, serums are like playing charades with your lashes; you never know if they’ll provide a dramatic growth spurt (or disappoint with a lackluster performance). But fret not, for lash growth serums rich with peptides and natural ingredients can be seriously helpful in enhancing the length, strength, and fullness of your eyelashes. suggests moisturizing and nourishing the lashes to help see results.

So, how long does it take to see results from using a lash growth serum? Well, patience is a virtue, my friend; results vary, with some claiming to see exciting changes in as little as four weeks, while others may take a couple of months.

Choose the Right Mascara

Mascara is the unsung hero behind the scenes, lending your lashes that delightful va-va-voom (when you’re not brandishing your au naturel superpowers, of course). But choose wisely to avoid Cinderella’s fate and turn your potential pumpkin of a mascara mayhem into a fantastic f-lash-airy tale – opt for hypoallergenic mascaras, specifically formulated for sensitive eyes and with nourishing ingredients to ensure happy, healthy eyelashes.

Preventative Measures and Proper Makeup Removal

Whisk away your makeup worries with gentle, meticulous, and downright loving makeup removal. Using harsh chemicals or aggressive movements when removing makeup—especially around the delicate eye area—is like playing tug of war with your lashes. Keep your lashes in the game by choosing natural, gentle makeup removers, micellar water, or even cold-pressed oils to lift away makeup carefully. Maintaining the sanctity of your lashes should always be a top priority.

Get a Lash Lift

A lash lift is like giving your lashes a spa day. They are gently curled and lifted for a more open, wide-eyed appearance. While it doesn’t actually increase the length of your lashes, it does provide an apparent lift and makes them seem longer. It’s typically a low-maintenance option to keep your lashes looking fabulous without resorting to lash extensions or lash growth medications.

Massage the Eyelashes

Massaging the eyelids and lash line is like inviting an orchestra of tiny violinists to play a symphony for your eyelashes. The gentle touch helps stimulate blood flow and creates an environment for those precious lashes to grow. Your eyelashes are delicate, though, so don’t rub them aggressively, or it’ll be like stepping on the violinists’ toes, and all you’ll get is a discordant screech instead of a flourishing crescendo of growth.

Green Tea, Your Eyelashes’ Unexpected Ally

Drinking green tea may not seem like it’d make a significant difference, but rumor has it (and experts agree) that the antioxidants and nutrients found in green tea can help improve overall hair health, including your eyelashes. Make sure to be consistent in drinking green tea to get the best results. (As a bonus, it’s also a soothing activity to wind down after a busy day.)

Brushing Your Lashes Regularly

Brushing your lashes with a clean, soft bristle brush can be as comforting to your lashes as a gentle pet is to a furry friend. Benefits include stimulating blood circulation, promoting lash growth, and dispelling any mascara or eyeshadow buildup that may clog lash follicles. A couple of times a day should do the trick!


How do you get longer eyelashes naturally?

Eyelash growth serums, natural oils, and massaging the eyelids are some ways to boost eyelash growth naturally. Just remember to be consistent and gentle with your lashes, treating them like the delicate creatures they are.

How can I grow my eyelashes long fast?

To grow your eyelashes quickly, create a nourishing environment for them by using eyelash growth serums and oils, massaging your lids, and avoiding harsh treatments or makeup removal practices.

What helps your eyelashes grow?

Eyelash growth serums, natural oils, and massaging the eyelids can help promote lash growth by stimulating blood flow, nourishing the lashes, and promoting a healthy environment for lash follicles.

How can I make my eyelashes longer in 3 days?

While it’s unrealistic to expect significant lash growth in just three days, you can give the appearance of longer lashes with proper mascara application or a lash lift. For actual growth, however, patience is key, and results may take a couple of weeks or even months.

Are there any risks associated with using medication to lengthen lashes?

Yes, there are risks associated with using medications like bimatoprost (Latisse). These can include eye irritation, changes in eye color, or even potential eyelash loss. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using any medication for eyelash growth.


Long, stunning lashes are not unattainable, and you don’t need to resort to risky measures to achieve them. Look back at the tips provided here for reference and remember that nurturing your lashes with the right products, techniques, and a touch of patience can lead you to the eyelash wonderland you’ve always wanted. Happy growing!

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